09 March 2013

The vote count started.. And so the fun..

The Counting is on now. The votes in ballot boxed are being counted and tallied with the count provided by election officer.

The total no. of votes cast is 2392 and if all the votes are valid, which is not going to be, then we have a quota of 265 votes. Means any candidate, who gets more than 265 vote is elected.

Looking at this count, I understand anyone who secures more than 200 votes is in safe zone and can be elected to the branch.

Polling booth no.1 vote is tallied. The count is 720 and it is tallied.

For the polling booth no.2 the count is 516 votes and tallied.. The actual votes in the box is being counted. In the booth 2, one vote was tendered as one member's name was not appearing in the voting list, and vote was kept separately. It was decided that since the member's name was not existing in the voter list, this vote will be rejected.

For the polling booth no. 3 the total count as per election officer is 503. the votes in the box is being counted.

Please hang on for the more information.

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