27 July 2013

Analysis and Issues in Schedule AL- ITR 3 & ITR 4

Analysis and Issues in Schedule AL
(Statement of Assets and Liabilities at the end of the Year)
ITR 3 & 4

This is a new schedule incorporated in ITR 3 & 4 for the Assessment Year 2013-14. An individual assessee is required to submit Assets and Liabilities at the end of the year 31st March, 2013.  It is mandatory if total income of the assessee exceeds Rs.25 Lakhs.
ITR 3 & ITR 4
Total Income ---à Part B-TI –Computation of Total Income- Column-13

Total Income
Aggregate income of all 5 heads of income after setting of losses and deductions under Chapter VIA.

ITR Instructions to fill Schedule AL

·         (i) This Schedule is to be filled giving details of any property held by the assessee and the corresponding liabilities, other than those included in the balance sheet filled in Part A BS of the return.
·         (ii) The assets to be reported will not include personal effects, i.e. to say, movable property (including wearing apparel and furniture) held for personal use by the assessee or any member of his family dependent on him but excludes items mentioned in column a, b, c and d of column 2 under column A of the Schedule.

·         (iii) For the purpose of column b of column 2 under column A, jewellery includes.-

(a) Ornaments made of gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metal or any alloy containing one or more of such precious metals, whether or not containing any precious or semi-precious stone, and whether or not worked or sewn into any wearing apparel

(b) Precious or semi-precious stones, whether or not set in any furniture, utensil or other article or worked or sewn into any wearing apparel



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