06 September 2013

Revised Form 15CA-15CB

The CBDT has issued Twelfth Amendment Rules on August 5, 2013 vide Notification No. 58/2013 whereby it amended Rule 37BB and prescribed new Forms 15CA and 15CB. However, within a couple of weeks, the CBDT issued one more amendment to Rule 37BB in suppression of earlier notification (amendment rules).
The new Forms provide for two categories (.i.e., Part A and Part B of Form 15CA) on which remittances are required to be reported. It provides that only taxable remittances (including salary or interest) are required to be reported in Form 15CA.
Before the Twelfth Amendment Rules, the payers were required to submit the remittance details in Form 15CA and they were also required to obtain certificate under Form 15CB, notwithstanding whether the payee was liable to tax in India or not? Then Twelfth Amendment Rules extended some relaxation and provided immunity from obtaining certificate under Form 15CB for certain remittances. Now Fourteenth Amendment Rules provide exemption from filing of Form 15CA if remittance is not chargeable to tax in the hands of payee, it also provides immunity from obtaining Form 15CB if the taxable remittances are covered by Part A of new Form 15CA.

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