30 March 2014

31st March 2014 important date to remember

31st March 2014 important date for following

1. Last date of payment of advance income tax for Financial Year 2013-14.

2.Submission of income tax and wealth tax for the financial year 2012-13.

3. Submission of revised return of income for financial year 2011-12, if required.

4.Payment of Income tax and wealth tax for the undisclosed income and wealth for FY 2006 07 to 2011 12, if return not filed.

5.Payment of due TDS on interest and other payments

6.Phyiscal Stock taking.

7.Cash balance tally.

8.Minimum balance in the asset where income is tax free to minimise disallowance under section 14A of the Income Tax Act.

9.Investment under section 80 C. 80 and others.

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