01 April 2014

What is changed from CA, 56 to CA, 13

What is changed from CA, 56 to CA, 13... An observation

CA, 56 was like girlfriend... We knew since we born(started working) a liberal (act) n very good friend... Hardly getting serious about misbehavior (non compliance) always friendly n many tried and tested formula (drafts) were available in market to fulfill wish(compliance)...

CA,13 is like same girlfriend became wife... Now same action will draw different n strict reaction (huge penalty)
tired and not tested formula..
It thinks that u (company) is always cheating...
though we know the subject matter since years... Its ever changing and infinite rules that will make life more miserable

N best of all... Though change was inevitable and known since years but transformation period is hardly a 4-5 days

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