25 July 2014

Changes Made in Finance (No.2) Bill,2014

Changes made by Finance (No. 2) Bill, 2014 as passed by the Lok Sabha

The list of changes made in the Finance Bill are as under:

1) Unlisted securities and units of MF transferred between 01-04-14 and 10-07-14 shall be deemed to be long-term capital assets, if held for more than 12 months.

2) Long-term Capital Gains on Units of Mutual Funds transferred between 01-04-14 and 10-07-14 shall be taxable at 10% without indexation.

3) A third proviso has been inserted in Section 92C to provide that where more than one price is determined by the most appropriate method, the arm's length price shall be computed in such manner as may be prescribed. Accordingly, the provisions of first and second proviso (arithmetic mean and tolerable range) shall not apply.

4) Taxpayers can approach Settlement Commission even for pending re-assessment cases.

5) Resident taxp

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