26 September 2014

Breaking news: CBDT issues Press release to extend due date to 30th November.

In Compliance with Gujarat High Court decision, CBDT extended the due date for furnishing return of income from 30th September to 30th November 2014 for the Assessment Year 2014-15 for all purposes of the Act in the case of an assessee, who is required to file his return of income by 30th September 2014, and is also required to get his accounts audited under section 44AB of the Act or is a working partner of a firm whose accounts are required to be audited under section 44AB of the Act.

There shall be no extension of the due date for the purpose of charging of interest under section 234A of the Act for late filling of return of income and the assessee shall remain liable for the payment of interest as per the provisions of section 234A of the Act.

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