11 January 2015

SOP for Administering TDS

CBDT - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Administering TDS


TDS is a non-obtrusive but powerful instrument to prevent tax evasion as well as to expand the tax net. TDS also minimizes tax avoidance by the taxpayer (income earners), as the payee's transaction(s) are reported to the Department by the third person. The contribution of TDS to the overall gross direct taxes collections during F.Y.2013-14 was Rs.2,71,069 crore. This is a 17.88% growth over the collections shown under this minor head from Rs.2,29,943 crore during F.Y.2012-13. Thus, TDS now contributes more than 37% to the gross direct taxes collections, emphasizing its ever growing importance.

2.  With the Centralized Processing Cell for TDS at Vaishali, Ghaziabad, the TDS administration is now driven through technology support. The CPC-TDS provides comprehensive MIS on compliance behaviour of the deductors, defaults details, PAN errors besides helping the deductor or the Department to identity & rectify mistakes. The strategy to augment revenue through TDS ought to be, therefore, a mix of enforcement, capacity building (external and internal) and leveraging of information that is now available with the Department through the CPC-TDS.

3.  With the enablement of all functionalities, available to the TDS Assessing Officer through AO Portal, the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) specifying the role of Officers, who are associated with TDS administration, becomes necessary. The SOPs have been framed to address the various features in the re-engineered processes in TDS administration. The SOPs have been made on following issues :-

i. Matching the unconsumed challan.
ii. Top deductors paying less/no tax with respect to previous financial years. iii. Resolvable/Collectible TDS Demand.
iv. G-OLTAS reconciliation.
v. Corporate connect for TDS compliance.

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