20 February 2015


Now, access 11 new services on eBiz portal

Setting up a business in India may have just become a tad easier. Rather than visit various offices or websites, investors can now get as many as 14 services, ranging from submission of forms to obtaining licences, on the eBiz single-window portal.

The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) has announced the launch of 11 Central services on the eBiz Government-to-Business portal spread across ministries and institutions. This takes the total number of such services to 14.

The services that have been integrated include four from the Corporate Affairs Ministry, two from the Reserve Bank of India, two from Central Board Of Direct Taxation, and one each from the Directorate-General of Foreign Trade, Employees' Provident Fund Organisation and the Petroleum & Explosives Safety Organisation.

At present, it takes about six months and 20 visits to various departments for an investor to get the mandatory clearances for starting a business, according to the DIPP.

The eBiz portal seeks to bring down the time and cost required to get the clearances and also significantly cuts down on legwork.

Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said: "The eBiz platform will now (with the integration of 14 services) provide end-to-end online submission and process of forms, including tracking and online payment. It strives to achieve horizontal integration across various verticals of the Centre, State and para-statal agencies."

India is hopeful that the project will help it to move up the World Bank's 'ease of doing business index', where it was ranked a low 142 among a total of 189 countries last year.

"We will try to ensure that more than 200 services related to investors and businesses will be rolled out across the country over the next few years," DIPP Secretary Amitabh Kant said.

The first three years following the launch of eBiz would be the pilot phase during which 50 services will be implemented across 10 States, including Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started?

Answer: Prior to invoking any of the services, you must first register with eBiz. Registration is a two step process. You first need to register yourself as an individual and get yourself a Login account. User registration will enable to invoke some services that are not linked to a Business - Name Availability etc.. The second step is to register your business. This would enable you to access the complete set of eBiz services such as Registering with various Tax and other Regulatory agencies, Apply for utility connections and services related to Regulatory filings.

2. Is there a fee for registration?

Answer: No - there is no fee for registering on eBiz. Fees are applicable when you start applying for services. The fee will be dependent on the service availed.


3. What to do if I didn't receive an email confirmation after registration?

Answer: On registration, an email confirmation is sent. In case you have not received the email confirmation, you may do the following -


Please check whether the email has been saved under your Trash / Spam folder. This may happen because of your email account settings.


In case your mailbox is full and the mail has bounced, please clear your mailbox and send a mail to ebizsupport-lndc@nic.inwith your login details and a confirmation mail will be sent to you.


In case the email address provided by you is incorrect, please log in and change the details. Then send a mail to ebizsupport-lndc@nic.in with your login details and a confirmation mail will be sent to you.

4. How do I provide Feedback?

Answer: You may provide feedback about the site and its functionality through email. Please mail your feedback to ebizfeedback-lndc@nic.in.


5.How many services are enabled on eBiz?

Answer: In the current release, two DIPP services (IL and IEM) have been enabled on eBiz. The portfolio of services will be soon expanded to include additional services and states.


6. How do I pay the fees when invoking these services?

Answer: eBiz is integrated with an electronic payment gateway. You can make payment towards the services online using your net banking facilities or offline payment (after generating challan on eBiz portal) by visiting any 'Central Bank of India' branch.


7. After applying for the service through eBiz, how do I know the status of my application? Do I need to contact the departments for status update?

Answer: eBiz is integrated with department systems and processes. Hence you will receive the status updates on your application on the eBiz portal. You can use the status page on the eBiz portal to learn the status of your application and also respond to any queries/clarifications raised by the department.

8. How can I update/change my personal information?

Answer: Personal information can be edited by logging in to eBiz website and editing the details present in the 'My details' section. These changes will get reflected in the system once you login the next time.


9. What happens if I forget my username and / or password?

Answer: In case you forget your username and / or password, please visit the 'Forgot Password' link to retrieve your login details. An email with your login details will be sent to your registered email address.


10. What information do you need when I begin to register?

Answer: In case of individual member registration, details such as name, date of birth, email address, telephone number etc. are required. In case of a business registration, details such as name of the establishment, address, email address etc. are required.


Pan-India Services

1. Industrial Licence

2. Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum

3 Employer Registration with ESIC


4. MCA Name Availability


5.MCADirector Identification Number

 6.Certificate of Incorporation


7.Certificatefor Commencement of Business


8. Reporting of Advance Foreign Remittance

 9• Reporting of FC-GPR


10. Issue of Permanent Account Number-NSDL

11. Issue of Permanent Account Number-UTIITSL

12. Issue of Tax Deduction & Collection Account Number


13• Employer Registration with EPFO

14• Issue of Importer Exporter Code

15• License for Possession and Sale or Possession and Use of Explosives



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