15 September 2015

IT Industry Based Jurisdiction

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Direct Taxes
New Delhi the September, 2015
Subject: Committee to study the feasibility of implementing 'Industry Based Jurisdiction' instead of prevailing 'Geographical Jurisdiction' in a phased manner-reg.
Board has constituted a Committee to examine the feasibility of implementing 'Industry Based Jurisdiction' in a phased manner instead of the prevailing 'Territorial Jurisdiction' as recommended by the Tax Administration Reform Commission ('TARC').
2. The composition of the Committee is as follows:
Sl No.

Ms Sunita Puri
Principal  Commissioner of Income Tax -IV, Delhi
Committee  In- charge
Sh. B. K. Singh
CIT(A)-11, Delhi

Sh. Samar Bhadra
ADG (System)-3, Delhi
Sh Rajeev Ranka
Add I. CIT (Audit-1), Delhi
Sh. Rajesh Kedia
Addl CIT, Delhi
Smt. Garima Bhagat
Addl CIT, Delhi
Member Secretary
3. The terms of reference of the Committee will be as follows:
(i) To carry out analysis of prevailing 'territorial jurisdiction' in Income Tax Department and study of its various aspects keeping in view the various responsibilities assigned and discharged by the Assessing officers who are located in more than 550 locations ranging from mofussil charges to metropolises.
(ii) Efficacy  of existing dedicated Ranges dealing with cases of Trusts I AOP I Professionals I Industry specific jurisdiction (in some corporate charges) etc. may be analyzed with a view to examine the feasibility of implementing the same on all India basis in a phased manner.
4. The Committee may co-opt other members, as it deems fit to  have proper representation, co-ordination and feedback from field formations in metro I non-metro I mofussil charges.
5. The Committee shall submit its report to Member (IT),  CBDT by 15 th October, 2015.
6. The Headquarters of the Committee will be in Delhi.
This issues with the approval of the Chairperson, CBDT.
(Rohit Garg)
Deputy Secretary (ITA.II)

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