31 December 2015

CBDT introduces mandatory e-filing of first appeal

CBDT introduces mandatory e-filing of first appeal i.e. before CIT(A) for persons who are required to file e-returns; E-filing also expected to facilitate fixation of hearing of appeals electronically; E-filing of CIT(A) appeals (alongwith the documents relied upon) expected to “remove human interface, reduce paperwork and decrease the transaction cost for the taxpayer”; CBDT anticipates that this step shall result in fewer deficient appeals as validations will be inbuilt which would ensure consistent and error free service; Current form for filing of CIT(A) appeal i.e. Form No. 35 to be replaced by a new form; CBDT press release states that “The new format for filing of appeals is more structured, objective, systematic, and aligned with the current provisions of the Income-tax Act”; CBDT recognizes this as another significant step in Income tax Department’s endeavour to digitise various functions of the Department for providing efficient taxpayer services and will reduce taxpayers’ compliance burden in appellate proceedings : CBDT

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