22 December 2015

Exit of Shrinvas Joshi

Now it is confirmed and final. Shrinvas Joshi has lost the battle. Mangesh Kinare is in the next council. congratulations!!

Another good news is now I see scope for Parag Raval at no. 11. He has now chance to be in the council and Ahmedabad may have two central council members. That will be amazing and I will be liking it to see that happening. Ame Amdavadi!!

Keep the fingers crossed. Julfesh has also the equal chance to represent Nagpur in council.

Now it looks following candidates are more or less in:

  • Tarun Ghia
  • Nihar Jambusaria
  • Prafulla Chhajed
  • Dhiraj Khandelwal
  • Mangesh Kinare
Parag is at no. 6 and these candidates may take him over one by one. Keep on watching.

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