24 December 2015

Fate of Candidates from outside Mumbai

For the WIRC, looking at the current chart, I see the fate of out side Mumbai candidates as below:

  • From Maharashtra, Abhijit Kelkar and SN Mundada has already won and it is only of academic interest that how and when they finally declared formally elected and at what no. Kelkar is already in and you can find him elected may be by the time you read this post.
  • Initially I was not sure about Umesh Sharma, but now I am fully confident that he too falls in the winning category and sure win. So no second thought. Congratulations Umesh, finally you will make this time after many tries.
  • Out of Ambrish Vaidya and Savesh Joshi, one will be sure in. They are neck to neck and the one who remains above the other is a sure win. As of now Ambrish has an edge, but its wafer thin. This will be an interesting battle to watch. 
  • is there any scenario that both Sarvesh and Ambrish can win and Pune can have 3 candidates to WIRC? This will depend on the elimination of Ashwini from Nagpur and standing of Mohan Barmecha and Vikrant after that.
  • Ashwini Agrawal will be eliminated in some time. He would decide fate of rest of Maharashtra including Vikrant and Mohan Barmecha. Even Pune candidates too. One interesting fact is Abhijit is already achieving quota, so all of the second preference votes from Ashwini will not go to Abhijit and will go the the person who has marked as third preferential candidate. And who will be this? Vikrant and Mohan Barmecha will be the highest beneficiaries. And this will decide seats of rest of Maharashtra's candidates. 
  • interesting to watch.

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