25 December 2015

RC Election: Interesting phase in the last eliminations and may surprise many

As we approaching towards end of the eliminations, things have been very interesting. It may bring many surprises. see the scenarios:

  • Jayesh Kala, the unlucky guy who lost on the edge, will move Shruti and Neel Majithia up. They will occupy 19th and 20th position form their current 21st and 22nd position. 
  • What it means? It means Balkishan from Surat and Vikrtant from Nashik are displace from their current position. They become 21st and 22nd respectively.
  • Then the twist in story. Out of one Pune fellow, Sarvesh or Ambrish eliminates, and the moment one eliminates from Pune, the other moves up considerable by getting very big bunch. And that makes an exit moment from one of the struggling candidates, Balikshan or Vikrant. Vikrant can get from Pune but Balkishan will not get much from Pune. And that will make a story interesting.
  • If Pune guy jumps too much up, if Pune guy gives lots of votes to Vikrant then one of the Mumbai guy can also be in danger.
  • Vikrant and Balkishan are still not safe. 
  • So the last two positions are very very interesting to watch.

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  1. Sir, can you please send the revised list?


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