22 December 2015

RCM battle is open only for seven seats

In my opinion the battle for RCM is open only for seven seats. 15 seats are already occupied. It is only a matter of time that they will be declared winner. 

1.       The three seats are already won and elected as they crossed the quota:
i.         Priti Savla
ii.       Sushrut Chitale
iii.      Purushottam Khandelwal
2.       And next 12 seats are occupied by following contestants and they are sure winner, few later, few sooner:
i.         Drushti Desai
ii.       Rakesh Alshi
iii.      Aniket Talati
iv.     Manish Gadia
v.       Pradeep Agarwal
vi.     Abhijit Kelkar
vii.    Kamlesh Saboo
viii.  Priyam Shah
ix.     Satyanarayn Mundada
x.       Vishnu Agarwal
xi.     Hardik Shah
xii.    Sandeep Jain

3.       Who will be those 7 luckiest people, it will take two days time to get the final picture, but wait for next analysis, we will talk about that.

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