22 December 2015

RCM Pune: Sarvesh Joshi or Ambrish Vaidya

Pune has given a great results. Looking at the chart, Satyanarayan Mundada has obviously made it and there is no second opinion on that. But the real question is who out of Sarvesh Joshi and Ambrish Vaidya or both. This will be really a very interesting battle. This all depends upon how these two candidates gather the votes from rest of the Maharashtra and Mumbai.

Manoj Kumar Agarwal from Pimpri has a kitty of 356 votes. On his elimination, where the votes flow is really interesting to see. The key is being above the other. So whomsoever remain above the other is the winner. Currently Ambarish has a lead of 45 votes above his counter part Sarvesh. But you never know.

What's your opinion on that? Who out of these two has great appeal out of Pune?

1 comment:

  1. Ambrishs entry in Regional council will make council more lively.Let us see what happens.


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