22 December 2015

Why Umesh Sharma and Vikrant has tough battle despite good first preferences?

Umesh Sharma has received very good number of votes (1241). A great head start which many of the Mumbai candidates can't even think of. Despite that you will see that those getting even 300-400 less first preference votes than him will jump in and overtake him and will be elected before Umesh is declared elected. The reason being he comes from Aurangabad, And Mumbai eliminations gives benefit to Mumbaikar only. You will see him winning but at the later stage and not so soon. May be at some stage ups and downs.

The same with Vikrtant Kulkarni from Nashik who got 926 votes and will be on tenterhook till the end. Whether he can make to WIRC will depend totally on his ability to get votes from rest of Maharashtra eliminations which are not many and from Mumbai, where we can't expect many votes.

So watch them and it will be really very interesting..


  1. next time we should rember this point

  2. What is the probability of jayesh kala


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