21 January 2016

SEBI Update

SEBI, on 19th January, 2016, has issued next set of FAQs on SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015

SEBI has given clarification with regard to many points in FAQs including 
a. definition of Associate Company as per Regulation 2(1)(b)
b. definition of Related Party as per Regulation 2(1)(zb)
c. Signing of Compliance certificate as per Regulation 17(8)
d. applicability of Regulation 24 on 'unlisted material subsidiary'
e. Limit on Directors to be a member in Committees as per Regulation 26(1)
f. Disclosure as per Regulation 30(8)
g. Definition of 'material subsidiary as per Regulation 16(1)(c)

The FAQs can be accessed at:

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