25 May 2016

Draft Indirect Transfer Rules

CBDT notifies draft rules for determination of Fair Market Value (FMV)  and reporting requirement for Indian concerns in respect of indirect transfer provisions u/s 9(1) ; Sec 9(1) states  'share or interest is said to derive its value substantially from assets located in India, if fair market value (FMV) of assets located in India comprise at  least 50% of the FMV of total assets of the company or entity'; Draft  rules introduce 11 areas of reporting by Indian company ; CBDT seeks comments on draft rules by May 29

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ICAI hosted the draft MEF Panel for 2019-2020

ICAI hosted the draft MEF Panel for 2019-2020 . Pls login https://app.meficai.org/draftPanel and check ur firm status.  Dhiraj Khandelwal