11 June 2016

Separate date for furnishing 15G/15H

Separate date for furnishing 15G/15H announced by CBDT vide Notification dated 09-06-2016

Earlier, TDS return for June was required to be filed by 31st July, for Sep by 31st October, for December by 31st January, for March by 31st May as per N/N 30/2012 dtd. 29-04-2016.

No separate date was prescribed for 15G/15H.However now, separate dates for uploading 15G/15H have been provided vide Notification dated 09-06-2016.

Due Date for QE 30 June shall be 15th July, for 30th Sep shall be 15th October, for 31st December shall be 15th January and for 31st March it shall be 30th April

It means for first three quarters 15G/15H to be filed 16 days ahead of due date for TDS return and for last quarter a month ahead for TDS return, thus maintaining a time distance between the TDS return and 15G/15H so that information regarding 15G/15H may be timely submitted in TDS return.

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