02 August 2016

Old e-filling pending ITR V

If you have e-filed your Income-tax return for earlier years (2009-2015) but NOT submitted your ITR-V (acknowledgment) then your tax-return will not be valid and the Income-tax Department (ITD) may send you a notice (including penalty) for not-filing your Income-tax return.  

If you have e-filed your return in the past years and your ITR-V has not been successfully received by the Central Processing Centre (CPC) of the Income-tax Department, your return filing process for that year is not complete. The ITD has recently allowed tax filers an extension (till 31st August 2016) to verify their ITR-V of earlier years using one of the options below.

Option 1: e-Verify.
Option 2: Sign and post it to CPC, Bangalore.

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