26 December 2018

Announcement of Shweta Jains sub parcels is pending....

Announcement of Shweta Jains sub parcels is pending....
Sanjay Nikam’s elimination started....

Early trends...
Kamlesh 50...he will cross quota
Shilpa 50
Yashwant Kasar 30
 Ketan and Murtuza 5 each....
Other contestants too getting votes


  1. Congratulations Lalitji ...we have final 22...sir please update

  2. Its hard luck of sunjay nikam to miss the RCM seat else Vashi branch would have got representative on very 1st attempt. His also performed very well but unfortunately due to lack of 2nd & 3rd preference backup to lift lost the race.

  3. Vasai Branch really done well inspite of 5 main candidates from branch area. 2condiates going to be RCM & 3rd Shweta lost by a very small fraction. Hard luck. But in 22 members council we have 2 candidates almost 10% is remarkable achievement. Congrats to Vimal & Lalit.


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