25 December 2018

Ashish's main parcel is exit for Mahesh

Sorry for Mahesh my friend.. You deserved better. But the process is really cruel..
Mahesh is now on bottom with 1035
Sanjay Nilam 1060
Shweta 1079
Lalit 1081
Very interesting. Shweta or Lalit now. Neck to neck. Mahesh elimination should make Sanjay safe and Lalit or Shweta will again be on fire line.
Waiting for sub parcels of Ashish now.


  1. What's the position of last 12 to be qualified? Sir please share

  2. Bad luck CA Mahesh you did really best but it was misfortune that made difference.

  3. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Thanks Ashwin Nagar for quick updates. Very nice.


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CA Exams rescheduled

Looking current situation CA Exam is rescheduled: CA inter and final exams will from 21st Nov . CA foundation will be from 8th Dec 2020.