22 December 2018

CC: Now it is only academic, 11 names are now fixed who are part of council

Now the remaining counting is for academic interest only. It will only decide who was on which position in the whole 11 elected members. For all practical purpose, the names of the members to be elected is now final.

Mangesh will eliminate that will take Shrinivas Joshi up. Anywhere up Purushottam. And Purushottam will come down to 12 the place from his existing 11th, and he will be the last person to be eliminated. Bad luck for him. A spectacular performance which couldn't win him the well deserved seat..

But this is what is the life..

Congratulations to all the elected members and wish you all the best!!


  1. Anonymous7:11 PM

    can we still wait for the elimination votes to be ditributed and not get to a conclusion, you never know how tables may turn.

  2. No way. Only surprise is Purushottam gets more than Shrinivas Joshi in the second preference votes, which is near to impossible..

    1. Optimistic people always hope God will create some miracle.

  3. In case Purshottam gets significantly more than NC and Tarun then it is possible further Ankit and Dh i raj may complete quota and their distribution of last packets may go (anikets) to Purshottam as they will be original Ahmedabad votes. So game not over.


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