21 December 2018

Chitale has 33% chance to get through

Only two candidates out of these three will get in:
1. Mangesh Kinare
2. Shrinivas Joshi
3. Chandrashekhar Chitale

This will be decided by elimination Sanjay Pawar and Sarvesh Joshi..

What are the most likely situation and how, and who has what possibilities, I will explain in some time.


  1. CA Chitale will complete his quota by elimination of CA Sarvesh Joshi its almost certain. Good luck to CA Chitale.

  2. It will be big fight between CA Mangesh and CA Srinivas Joshi. But CA Shruti Shah elimination will decide fate of big flight, WHETHER CA Mangesh will retain lead of 45 votes he got over CA Srinivas in 1st round.


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CA Exams rescheduled

Looking current situation CA Exam is rescheduled: CA inter and final exams will from 21st Nov . CA foundation will be from 8th Dec 2020.