25 December 2018

Prediction based on current status

As 10 are already elected, and based on current situation it looks like following 12 will make it
  1. Drushti Desai
  2. Rakesh Alshi
  3. Arun Giri
  4. Yashwant Kasar
  5. Kamlesh Saboo
  6. Anand Jakhotiya
  7. Jayesh Kala
  8. Arpit Kabra
  9. Shilpa Shinagare
  10. Vimal Agarwal
  11. Lalit Bajaj /Shweta Jain
  12. Sanja Nikam
One from Lalit Bajaj or Shweta Jain will make it to council. 
Murtuza and Ketan Saiya seems to be in danger zone looking at the situation.

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