22 December 2018

Scenarios Where Purushottam Khandelwal can win

Everyone was asking me right from day of polling that what are the chances of Ahmedabad getting two central council seats  OR three seats from Gujarat. And my answer was always a big No. Howsoever great one perform, whomsoever remains above the another Ahmedabad candidate is the ONLY one to win. The other bound to loose. He/she may position at as high as at 5th in the first preference vote counts raking, the moment Mumbai elimination starts the sliding begins and lead it to the elimination at the 12th place. The best a second Ahmedabad candidate can do is to eliminate at the end. The last elimination honour we are used to get for second candidate.

Look at Purushottam Khandelwal. It's exceptional performance by him. Who can think of a second Ahmedabad candidate getting 2650 votes. So kudos, great work and brilliantly done. It proves acceptability across the board, the connect with common member, that's all. You won the hearts, best wishes next time. 

Here is the scenario where Purushottam can win and we can get two Ahmedabad seats
  • Tarun Ghia who is 230 votes below Purushottam, doesn't get enough second preference votes from Rajkumar Adukia to cover this gap. Mind you, Rajkumar will also give votes to Purushottam, but it will give more votes to Tarun. How much more is the game.
  • If Rajkumar gives good votes to Shrinivas too and make a scene that Tarun is below Shrnivas and he becomes the next elimination, then Ahmedabad gets secons seat, and this seems most unlikely.
  • If Shrinivas is next elimination, then Mangesh will shoot up and reach above Purushottam, Durgesh Kabra and Tarun will also be above Purushottam and that will be end game and death knell for the Ahmedabad second seat hopes.
  • As long as Tarun is below Purushottam, Gujarat stands a chance to make a history with third Central council seat, which is the only scenario. Touch wood. 


  1. I completely agree, the same thing happened to Parag Rawal Sir.

  2. Purshottam will win and is unstoppable. Ahmedabad will surely a second seat and history will be created.


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