25 December 2018

Things to watch this morning while counting begins

Here are things to watch this morning while counting begins:

  • Difference between Shweta and Ashish bakliwal is of only 5 votes. Shweta got 25 from Rekh'as elimination. What about her sub parcels? Even in sub parcels Shweta gets 5 more votes than Ashish, then Shweta will escape her elimination. This is really very very interesting.
  • So don't make early conclusions that Shweta is next elimination.
  • One out of Sanjay Nikam and Mahesh Madkholkar is likely to be eliminated. Who? this will also be coming from sub-parcels of Rekha. At this moment there is a difference of 28 votes between them. This may go like what happened between Shrinivas Joshi and Mangesh Kinare in Central Council.
  • Out of remaining 12 seats to be elected, following are won for all practical purpose, it is only a matter of time before they declared officially. 
    • Drushti Desai
    • Rakesh Alshi
    • Arun Giri
    • Yashwant Kasar
    • Kamlesh Saboo
    • Anand Jakhotiya
    • Jayesh Kala
As of now:

10 are already elected crossing Quota, 
19 are eliminated.
17 are continuing for remaining 12 Seats.

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CA Exams rescheduled

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